ATEX explosion protection

for the protection of people and installations

The installation of fans and the extraction of chemically contaminated exhaust air in potentially explosive atmospheres brings with it special requirements which the European Union has regulated in the ATEX product directive. All HLU’s plastic fans are optionally available with explosion protection in accordance with the ATEX product directive.
The explosion protection distinguishes between the conveyed medium in the fan (inside) and the environment in the installation area. The latter is divided into zones based on the expected frequency and duration of an explosive atmosphere being present. HLU supplies fans for use in ATEX zones 2 and 1. The standard temperature class is T3; T4 is also possible as an option.
Our fans meet the design requirements for use in environments with an explosive atmosphere according to DIN EN 14986 and DIN EN ISO 80079 and are registered with the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany’s national metrology institute.

Possible combinations


inside       outside

Zone 1      Zone 1

Zone 1     Zone 2

Zone 2     Zone 2

Zone 2    no Zone


Explosion protection leaflet

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