Air handling units made of plastic

HLU is an expert in energy-efficient central ventilation and air conditioning units. Its products have particularly proven their worth in the industrial sector, handling chemically contaminated industrial and process exhaust air. The legal requirements for energy recovery coupled with scarce resources make it impossible to imagine the industrial sector without central air handling units.

  • reduction of heating and cooling costs
  • savings in operating costs
  • lower investment costs for associated trades
  • minimised maintenance costs
  • maximum working life

HLU’s plastic central air handling units are designed for aggressive gases with flow rates between 3000 m³/h and 100,000 m³/h. Their airtightness and the careful material selection guarantee maximum safety and durability even under the most difficult operating conditions. Operating costs are kept low by highly efficient energy recovery, minimised maintenance and service times, and great reliability. A systematic avoidance of coated metal components in the air flow prevents the problem of hidden corrosion. In addition to solid design and manufacturing, you also receive comprehensive service and warranty support. The units meet the requirements of the Eco-Design Directive of 2018 and are tested by TÜV according to EN 1886.


Application areas for plastic air handling units are collection and safety exhaust air from laboratory buildings, universities and research institutes together with broad sections of the chemical, electroplating and food industries. The large number of design variants means the units can be tailored to exactly meet your requirements.


  • space saving
  • energy saving
  • cost saving
  • long-lasting, durable construction
  • contribution to environmental protection
  • easy to maintain


  • modular, gas-tight welded units
  • smooth surfaces, no joints and edges, so no joints requiring regular maintenance
  • permanent resistance to corrosion by acids, alkalis and other aggressive media
  • dampers, doors and lead-throughs absolutely airtight
  • perfectly matched components
  • very low air resistance
  • safety-relevant functions monitored with extensive sensor technology
  • speedy installation with clamping profiles
  • inside or outside installation
  • wet cleaning with water jets / cleaning solutions possible
  • explosion protection in accordance with ATEX

Suitable components for plastic central AHUs

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