Maintenance as needed by sensor monitoring

The HLU smartControl and HLU easyControl equip your fans with state-of-the-art measurement technology.
Thanks to the transparent display of current measured values and the recording and display of all measured
value over 5 years, you can identify critical conditions in the system and avoid failures.

With the HLU smartControl and easyControl you have a pre-parametrised interface that is perfectly tailored to
HLU fans. This greatly facilitates integration into building management systems.

All relevant information can be accessed directly on the fan with the intuitively operable Touch Display.

Advantages of using HLU smartControl and easyControl

✓ Analysis of operating states

✓ Visualisation by means of trend lines

✓ Prompt identification of necessary
maintenance work

✓ Reduction in downtime

✓ Reduction in repair and maintenance costs

✓ Reporting and alerting

✓ Avoidance of consequential damage by
timely action


✓ Central measuring point provides all of the
data at a glance

✓ Plug and Play (preconfigured are ready for
use straight away)

✓ Intuitive operation via a touch display

✓ Possibility to connect to building
management systems (BMS)

✓ PID control keeps the volumetric flow
to a default setpoint

✓ Password-secured access in two

access profiles possible (Standard User,
Customer Admin)

✓ Operational safety of the monitored

✓ Energy saving through optimised operating

✓ Installation site indoors and outdoors
(with protective roof)

HLU easyControl - Monitoring and control for fans

You want to keep an eye on your fans and their values at all times and be able to evaluate and analyse operating states. Do you want predictive maintenance and monitoring of your fans? But do you also need a system that can be customised to your individual needs?
The HLU easyControl is such a customised system with adaptable sensors, which we configure according to your requirements. The number of sensors to be monitored is unlimited.

Volume flow / pressure
Operating speed
Motor data
Motor speed
Adaptable to the customer

Fan control

easy control of the volume flow

  • exact control of the required air volume via fan speed with up to four levels
  • for centrifugal, roof and axial fans
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Design up to four programmable speed stages


  • compact design
  • stepless speed adjustment via frequency converter
  • parallel control of shut-off dampers
  • electronic monitoring of the motor current
  • wide range of accessories

The following accessories are recommended for this product:


easyControl - smartControl

Predictive maintenance for maximum process reliability

  • continuous condition monitoring to reduce failures and downtimes
  • for centrifugal, roof and axial fans and plastic equipment
Design optional monitoring of temperature (media, bearing and motor temperature) volume flow, vibrations (motor and impeller), operating speed, motor speed and motor data (power, frequency, performance)

HLU – Controller

constant controller of volume flow / pressure

  • compact controller for maintaining constant volume flow or pressure
  • constant controller of volume flow / pressure for centrifugal fans with EC drive motor
  • may also be used for centrifugal fans with frequency converter


  • stand-alone” solution
  • highly efficient thanks to the combination of state-of-the-art EC technology with sensor technology
  • display showing setpoint and actual value for flow and pressure as well as the possible fan power
  • automatic constant of volume flow with additional display of the pressure differential
  • installation costs are significantly lower compared to systems with frequency converter
  • setpoints for volume flow and pressure can be set at the HLU – Controller
  • no higher-level control device required
  • only 2 x 230 V leads required
  • retrofitting possible

Volumetric flow measuring device

  • for volumetric flow measurement directly at the fan
  • available for centrifugal fans in the nominal diameters 125 to 1000 mm
Nominal diametersfor centrifugal fans in the nominal diameters 125 to 1000 mm
Designoptionally available with differential pressure transducer


  • measuring device integrated directly in the fan
  • volumetric flow measurement via differential pressure
  • characteristic values determined at the factory on a standard DIN test bench

Vibration monitoring

  • for vibration monitoring directly at the fan
  • available for all centrifugal fans
Design various designs available, depending on application requirements


  • parameterised in the factory