AHUs for hotel rooms, spa area, kitchen, restaurant, bar and common area in the Adina Hotel in Wiesbaden

Scope of supply: delivery and installation of six partial air conditioning systems and six small ventilation systems.

Total installed air volume: 45,000 m³/h


For the Adina Hotel new build in Wiesbaden, we installed and commissioned several partial air-conditioning systems with heat recovery and integrated cooling technology for the hotel rooms.


Altogether, the new supply and exhaust air systems deliver around 45,000 m³/h. A total of 187 fire dampers, 358 volumetric flow regulators, 2,500 m² of ventilation ducts and 2,000 m of ventilation pipe were installed.


All the partial air-conditioning systems are equipped with highly efficient heat recovery technology. The ventilation duct and pipe system was designed to minimise pressure losses. The air volumes are controlled via volumetric flow regulators according to use. Heat recovery, demand-oriented air volumes and low pressure losses reduce operating costs considerably and make a significant contribution to climate protection.


This was the first time we worked together on a project with Zech-Bau. The cooperative way of working with the Zech project team and excellent coordination under the Last Planner System ensured the project was concluded successfully. Implementing the project with this partner and project team was a very enjoyable experience.


Christian Litzinger

Zu- und Abluftanlagen

Powerful HF R 800-13 D for waste water plant in Lisbon

Scope of supply: 3 x HF R 800-13 D with FRP-CFRP hybrid impeller
Air volume: 3 x 50.000 m³/h

Three powerful HF R 800-13 D plastic fans with FRP-CFRP hybrid impeller were delivered to a waste water plant in Lisbon, Portugal via our partner Ambiflow. The chemically resistant centrifugal fans with a volume flow á ~ 50.000 m³/h and over 3.000 Pa are part of the extension of the waste water plant, where around 214.000 inhabitants of Lisbon and Loures are connected.

Sarah Di Cicco

Plastic fans and components

Laboratory exhaust air – Technical University Grangegorman, Dublin Ireland

Scope of supply: 25 centrifugal fans with frequency converter for outside installation
Air volume: between 1.000 m³/h and 20.000 m³/h

A customized solution for the laboratory exhaust air of the Technical University of Grangegorman, Dublin Ireland, was successfully installed together with Lindab, our local partner.
25 chemically resistant plastic fans, with volume flows between 1,000 and 20,000 m³/h, in combination with modern energy efficient impellers and motors, were manufactured and delivered for the project in March 2020.

Adrian Costiniuc

Plastic fans and components

FRP fans

Air volume: 12 x 80.000 m3/h | 4 x 70.000 m3/h | 4 x 45.000 m3/h
Scope of supply: 12 x HF R 1250-13 D | 4 x HF R 1120-13 D | 4 x HF R 900-13 D

Christoph Reimers

Plastic fans and components

Refurbishment of air-handling system, kitchen – Mathilden Hospital, Büdingen

Scope of supply: design, delivery, installation and commissioning of an AHU incl. ICE

Air volume: supply and extract air at 9,000 m³/h


We designed, built and commissioned a new air-handling unit with heat recovery for the kitchen of the Mathilden Hospital in Büdingen.

We adapted the air handling unit perfectly to the needs of the kitchen and its staff. The heat and odours generated are systematically removed and replaced by air-conditioned supply air.

A special challenge in this project was that a location had to be found for the new ventilation system that was close to the kitchen.

We therefore integrated the new AHU with heat recovery into the hospital’s existing heating plant. To do this, we had to significantly extend the existing steel construction.

The new supply and exhaust air system delivers 9,000 m³/h and is controlled via a new ICE cabinet. We also renewed the duct system and the fire dampers. Alongside heat recovery, insulated supply and exhaust air ducts ensure the ventilation system is extremely energy efficient.

Björn Litzinger

Kunststoff­ventilatoren und -komponenten

2M Marburg Mall

Client: WERNER Projektentwicklung GmbH
Build time: August 2018 to September 2019
Scope of supply:

  • supply and installation of air-conditioning systems and smoke extraction fans,
  • planning and redesign of areas and systems

Air volume:

  • Units: supply air 65.000 m³/h | exhaust air 42.000 m³/h
  • Smoke exhaust systems: supply air 24.000 m³/h | exhaust air 96.000 m³/h   

Christian Litzinger

Supply and exhaust air systems

Transportable flue-gas cleaning system

Client: atea Anlagentechnik
Build time: 9 weeks
Scope of supply: Production of all the plastic components, incl. installation of the complete system with the liquid piping in the container.
Air volume: 700 m³/h
Application field: Flue gas cleaning

Lars Roßkothen

Managing Director, Head of Marketing and Sales