Droplet separators to protect your plants

no water droplets in the airflow

TA or TAD inertia droplet separators are used in ventilation, air conditioning and process engineering to separate liquid droplets from gaseous media such as air or process gases.
The gas/liquid mixture flows through curved profile packets with pockets. The inertia of the liquid drops prevents them from following the change of direction, and they flow vertically downwards along the profile surfaces.

Droplet separators


  • used to separate liquids from gas streams
  • ideal for use in ventilation, air conditioning and process engineering to separate droplets and solids
  • flow rate from 1500 to 158000 m³/h
  • available in 6 nominal diameters from 315 to 1000 mm
Volume flow 250 to 158000 m³/h
Nominal diametersv
MaterialPP, PPs, PE, PDVDF, GFK
Atexoptionally suitable for installation in and extraction from ATEX zone 2 or ATEX zone 1 in electrically conductive version


  • separation efficiency: 99.9% of all limiting drops > 15μm or >8μm

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