Maintenance is the best prevention

Almost any malfunction can be prevented by early fault detection, so good and regular maintenance is important. With over 90 years’ experience and state-of-the-art measurement technology, we ensure safety and make certain that your air and environmental technology works efficiently and reliably.

Our customer service engineers are trained according to the currently applicable hygiene regulations and the current state of the art. We support you with maintenance services for all your ventilation systems in accordance with VDMA 24 186, for plastic fans, industrial exhaust air systems and scrubber systems. To give you flexibility with the scope of your system maintenance, we offer various service modules, which you can combine according to your requirements. 
From a simple plant inspection right through to remote monitoring with fault message forwarding, your air conditioning, ventilation or cooling system is in good hands with us. Should faults nevertheless occur, we are available around the clock to find the right solution for you.