Plastic equipment and system construction

chemically resistant, corrosion resistant, ATEX compliant

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Plastic equipment and system construction

tailor made and economical

HLU is an experienced and highly esteemed specialist company that can assist you with your individual requirements in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (WHG) .
Following your specifications, we plan, construct and install equipment and systems made of corrosion-resistant plastics that meet your requirements and ensure compliance with country-specific legal regulations at all times.
Talk to us about your needs – we will find technically and economically compelling solutions to your special challenges.

Our product range includes exhaust air scrubbers, laboratory gas scrubbers, tanks, evaporators, spin separators and inertia droplet separators.
The products are manufactured in our factory in Ransbach-Baumbach. Our quality controls are carried out in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and the TÜV standard.
Our solutions are mainly used in wet chemical processes and have proven their worth in the following areas:

– Chemical / Pharmaceutical
– Semiconductor, Solar and Surface technology
– Waste and Wastewater technology
– Composting
– Textile and Food industry

Suitability and chemical resistance of thermoplastics in equipment and system construction

When selecting the appropriate material for a specific application, its chemical resistance must be considered. This depends on the medium, concentration, temperature, manufacturing conditions and load. In many cases, fire behaviour, weather resistance, physiological safety, electrical conductivity, etc. are important properties that are also considered when selecting materials for our products. In most cases, the standard materials listed below are used.


We realise your ideas and specifications. Equipment and complete systems made of plastic

from planning through to commissioning

Whether it’s complete exhaust-air-purification and electroplating plants, storage and pumping stations, process tanks, filter systems or many other applications, there are almost no limits to the possible applications of today’s plastics processing.
When we produce and install your systems, you benefit from the expertise we have accumulated through completing countless projects over the years.

We provide you with the following services:

– planning and designing your entire systems, tanks, pipelines and steel constructions
– consultation and support from the initial idea right through to commissioning our components
– on-site measurement prior to construction of the required components
– 2D and 3D construction of systems, tanks and so on with the latest CAD technology
– preparation of the associated structural calculations, technical documentation, flow charts, layout plans, piping isometrics and production drawings
– support with implementation, TÜV inspections, customs inspections and solutions economically suited to your application area
– advice on the right material to use, with an almost unlimited choice of colours. Examples of thermoplastic construction materials are PE, PP, PVC and PVDF, and composite materials such as PP/FRP, PVC/FRP and PVDF/FRP.
When designing process engineering components such as scrubbers and silencers, we work together with experienced engineering offices. Our products’ dimensions are only limited by road traffic regulations and building constraints.