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Environmental Technology

Industrial plant engineering from conception to commissioning and service

With the expertise of HLU-atea Umwelttechnik, HLU covers all project steps of industrial plant engineering. Founded in 2000 as atea Anlagentechnik GmbH, HLU-atea can look back on an extremely successful development.

From conception to commissioning, all services come from a single source. Synergies are used, friction losses are reduced and cost advantages are realized.

HLU has the know how and experience to realize highest quality in all project stages. Excellently trained engineers and technicians are highly motivated and see the customer's satisfaction as the focus of their efforts.

Process calculations

Every solution starts with the right concept

HLU can utilize its experience gained by working on a variety of processes which are in operation for years successfully.

Our engineers have the experience to develop the most suitable concept and are openminded for interdisciplinary solutions.


A reliable pool of data is the base for the success of a solution

HLU leaves nothing to chance in this area. We use proven measuring methods to adapt the planned plants exactly to the needs of the customer and the corresponding application.

Our engineers have the know-how from decades of experience.

This ensures that they measure precisely, interprete the results correctly and then use them appropriately towards the implementation of the project.

Project management

The rational implementation of projects is founded on the exact planning of all details

HLU has the experience and the know-how to lead the realization of small, medium and large projects. Where necessary, we co-operate with wellknown partner companies who can provide support when services are requested that are not within our range of core competencies.

With their excellent education and training, our project managers are able to coordinate highly complex projects and implement them on schedule. Quality management is not just a set phrase, it is our core belief.


Solid craftsmanship ensures realistic and cost-effective implementation

HLU places its trust in highly-qualified specialists, supported by the most modern tools. Our engineers keep their eye on the essentials, as well as having the necessary skills to create sophisticated detail solutions:

Our construction department facilitates the fast, efficient and error-free attainment of all aims by their intuitive ability to see the whole picture, combined with absolute accuracy. Realistic simulations prevent unwanted surprises during the implementation of the project.

Production aund installation

Those who manufacture and assemble components themselves rely on seamless quality

HLU has its own production facilities and highly-motivated teams of qualified fitters and technicians:

We have subsidiaries in many important industrial centers. We are able to implement our plans with our own staff in a fast and efficient way.

Our employees are well-trained and work under the supervision of very experienced team-leaders. The highest quality at a reasonable price is the result, and both derive from an implementation of the demands and wishes of our customers.

Commissioning and service

As a full-service provider, customer support never ends

For HLU, customer service is not just a wellworn phrase, it is an essential part of our philosophy. We put our installations into operation and then conduct prolonged tests and trial runs.

We hand over systems and installations to our customers that work reliably and are completely documented. Our staff are available around the clock to help with fast and competent solutions in case of any problems, as well as to complete the necessary servicing.


Chemical industry

HLU has extensive experience in the development and modeling of industrial chemical processes. For this we use both commercial process simulation programs as well as special own calculation routines. We offer:

  • Complete process plants
  • Flue gas cleaning plants
  • Absorption and desorption columns
  • Rectification columns
  • Venturi and jet scrubbers
  • Laboratory gas scrubbers
  • Adsorption plants
  • Condensation plants
  • Apparatus and duct engineering

We use a variety of different processes and adapt them to the corresponding field-of-use individually. Even combinations of different processes or technologies are subject of the HLU knowledge. One of our specialities is the competent, fast and cost-effective completion of challenging projects. This makes us an esteemed partner, especially for sensitive projects and processes.

Semiconductor industry

HLU is a specialist in the cleaning of exhaust air for the semiconductor industry:

  • Air treatment plants
  • Counter-current scrubbers
  • Cross-flow scrubbers
  • Adsorbers
  • Thermal and regenerative oxidizers
  • Duct engineering (FM approved)

HLU is able to collect and treat all the exhaust gases. We feed the acid and caustic exhaust into separate counter-current or cross-flow scrubberes. The solvent exhaust ist treated separately in thermal systems. The general exhaust is also collected separately and then discharged.

HLU can manage the entire project, including piping and installation of all components. Competent, on-time and at a reasonable cost.

Energy and environmental

HLU specializes in the treatment of waste gas streams, which occur frequently in the field of energy and environmental technology. We also provide plants for desorption (stripping) of volatile substances from waste water.

  • Flue gas cleaning plants
  • Packed towers
  • Spray scrubbers
  • Quenches
  • Droplet separators
  • Penstocks for flue gas desulfurization towers
  • Stripping plants (e.g. for ammonia or hydrocarbons)
  • Apparatus and duct engineering

Large dimensions, sensitive problems or demanding processes and technologies: such challenges encourage HLU to demonstrate their best qualities. We master the process technology and maintain the overview in each situation. The plants projected by HLU are always examples of a responsible awareness of the environment as well as the use of resources.

Steel industry

HLU specializes in the treatment of waste gas streams, which occur in the steel industry for various applications.
This applies especially to the exhaust of pickling, degreasing, and chrome plating baths.
We offer:

  • Hydrochloric acid scrubbers
  • Hydrofluoric acid scrubbers
  • Chromic acid mist eliminators
  • Droplet separators
  • Aerosol eliminators
  • Apparatus and duct engineering

HLU can manage the entire project, including piping and installation of all components. Competent, on-time and at a reasonable cost.

Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry exhaust gases with a variety of different substances are developed. HLU has an extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the treatment of such streams.

In the field of medical technology, we treat exhaust gases mainly from sterilization chambers, which are operated with ethylene oxide.
We offer:

  • Absorption columns
  • Rectification columns
  • Venturi and jet scrubbers
  • Laboratory gas scrubbers
  • Adsorption plants
  • Condensation plants
  • Apparatus and duct engineering
  • Complete systems for the absorption and destruction of ethylene oxide

Ambitious projects, such as the treatment of toxic or explosive gases is one of our specialties. This makes us an esteemed partner, even and especially in sensitive tasks.


The smelting of ores produces gas streams with different compositions depending on the particular application. HLU has experience with the treatment of roaster gases evolving by the smelting of sulfidic ores.
Also the re-condensation of sulfuric acid is one of our specialties.
We offer:

  • Hydrofluoric acid scrubbers
  • Gas dryers (e.g. with sulfuric acid)
  • Sulfuric acid re-condensation plants
  • SO2 scrubbers
  • Hg scrubbers
  • Apparatus and duct engineering

Depending on the application we supply individual apparatuses or take over the entire project for the turnkey system.