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Secure storage and process tanks

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Strict environmental regulations and laws exist in Germany with regard to handling chemicals and aggressive media in installations for their storage, filling and handling (referred to as “LAU” installations in German) and installations for their production, treatment and usage (“HBV” installations).
As a recognised specialist operating in accordance with the German Federal Water Act (WHG), HF plans, designs, manufactures and installs HF plastic tanks as standard or customised products.
Depending on operating conditions, cylindrical or rectangular tanks are used with either a flat or conical roof and flat, sloping or cone bottoms. Individual installations and extensions such as agitator crossbeams, cascade dividers, pumps or internal piping systems are designed and expanded for each specific application. Our portfolio includes not only tank construction but also bespoke steel construction and pipeline construction. In cooperation with TÜV Rheinland, planning permits and approvals can be issued in our production plant as well as directly on the installation site.
Our manufacturing and installation staff are TÜV-approved plastic welders, who operate both nationwide and worldwide.
We can produce tailor-made installations or add-ons and bespoke tanks to your specifications. Contact us!

Our container product range includes:
– Thermoplastic containers in PE 100, PP-H, PVC, PVDF
– Special and process containers
– Subsequent cladding (also double-wall) with monitoring unit
– Process containers
– Chemical storage tanks with filling station
– Flat-bottom tanks
– Rectangular tanks
– Collection vats and liners in all sizes
– PE-HD wrapped tube, Z.40.21.181 certification
– PE slab container, Z.40.21.62 certification
– GFK with liner
– Reactor containers in effluent treatment plants
– Working containers for electroplating or pickling lines
– Special containers for the food industry

Storage and process tanks


  • ideal for the safe storage of acids and alkalis