Inertia droplet separators

Hürner Funken inertia droplet separators of type TA and TAD are used in ventilation, air conditioning and process technology and separate liquid droplets from gaseous media such as air or process gases. The gas/liquid mixture flows through curved profile packets with trapping pockets.

The liquid droplets cannot follow the change of direction due to their inertia and flow vertically down the profile surfaces.

Droplet separators


  • Used to separate liquids from gas flows
  • Used in ventilation, air conditioning and processing technology
  • Degree of separation is 99% of all droplets that are larger than the droplet diameter limit

    Key data:

  • Volume flow from 250 to 158.000 m³/h
  • Available nominal widths from 110 to 2000 mm suction diameter
  • Housing in PPs, PP and PVC as standard