plastic equipment engineering

The legislature imposes strict environmental regulations and laws on the handling of chemicals and aggressive media for LAU plants (facilities for storing, filling and transferring) and HBV plants (facilities for production, treatment and use).

As a recognized specialist company under the “Wasserhaushaltsgesetz “(WHG), we plan, design, manufacture and assemble a wide range of plastic products.

Our product range includes  for example scrubbers, tanks, swirl separators, evaporators and laboratory gas scrubbers.

In addition to wet-chemical processes, e.g. In the field of surface technology, HF products are used in the sectors:

 • Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals 

 • Semiconductor - solar and surface technology 

 • Waste and waste water technology 

 • Composting 

 • Textile and food industry

Installations and complete systems in plastic - from the planning stage through to commissioning.  

We put your ideas and requirements into practice, be that for complete exhaust air cleaning systems, electroplating equipment, storage and pumping stations, process tanks, filter equipment and much more. There are hardly any limits to the possible uses of current plastic processing. 

You benefit from our know-how in manufacturing and fitting the systems, which we have acquired through many projects.

We offer you the following services:

  • Planning and designing your complete systems, tanks, pipework and steel structures
  • Advising and supporting you from the basic idea through to the commissioning of our components
  • The only limits to the sizes of our products are imposed by the transport possibilities and delivery capacities
  • When designing process technology components such as scrubbers and silencers, we work closely together with experienced engineering companies
  • On-site measurement and subsequent design of the required components
  • Designing the equipment, tanks and much more in 2D and 3D using state-of-the-art CAD equipment and providing the corresponding static calculations, technical documentation, flow charts, installation plans, pipe system isometries and production drawings
  • Assistance with execution, TÜV acceptances, customs clearances and economically appropriate solutions in line with your application area
  • Providing advice on correct materials, with the choice of colours being virtually unlimited. Thermoplastic design materials include PE, PP, PVC and PVDF, as well as composites like PP/GRP, PVC/GRP and PVDF/GRP

We supply a wide range of components and complete systems such as:

  • Exhaust air and supply air systems
  • Water treatment and neutralization plants
  • Catch plants and cooling plants for radioactive liquid waste
  • Chemical metering stations
  • Chemical and electroplating storage tanks


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