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2M Marburg Mall

Client: WERNER Projektentwicklung GmbH
Build time: August 2018 to September 2019
Scope of supply:
  ◦ supply and installation of air-conditioning systems and smoke extraction fans,
  ◦ planning and redesign of areas and systems
Air volume:
  ◦ Units: supply air 65.000 m³/h | exhaust air 42.000 m³/h
  ◦ Smoke exhaust systems: supply air 24.000 m³/h | exhaust air 96.000 m³/h    


Transportable flue-gas cleaning system

Client: atea Anlagentechnik
Build time: 9 weeks
Scope of supply: Production of all the plastic components, incl. installation of the complete system with the liquid piping in the container.
Air volume: 700 m³/h
Application field: Flue gas cleaning


Lars Roßkothen
Lars Roßkothen
Managing Director, Head of Marketing and Sales