Pipework construction

double-walled piping according to DVS 2210 part 2

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Pipework construction

The piping and fittings are made of acid and corrosion-resistant plastics as e.g. PE 100, PP-H (GF make) or PVDF. We can also supply them in different materials upon request. All individual components of double-walled piping are manufactured according to DIN. The production of the two-pipe components is made in accordance with the valid DVS directives. All double-walled components are simultaneously welded.

The product portfolio also comprises straight pipes in standard lengths of 6 m for PE, or 5 m for PP and PVDF as well as all fittings; 45° bends, 90° bends, T pieces, pipe branches, fixing points, sensor points, reducers and transition components.

The leakproofness of the double-walled piping can be monitored with several systems:
– Visual monitoring
– Liquid sensors
– Pressure monitoring

Standard dimensions of the inner / outer pipes for PE and PP:
      Insite      Outsite
    25 x 2,3      50 x 2,9
    32 x 2,9      50 x 2,9
    40 x 3,7      63 x 3,6
    50 x 4,5      75 x 4,3
    63 x 5,8      90 x 5,1
    75 x 6,8    110 x 6,3
    90 x 8,2    125 x 7,1
110 x 10,0    160 x 9,1

Wall thicknesses of PVDF pipe may deviate.Additional dimensions for PE 200
and PP-H pipes are available on request.