Maintenance of fire dampers according to VDMA 24186

Fire dampers are an important component in buildings with ventilation and air-conditioning systems, as they prevent the spread of smoke and fire in the event of a fire.

To ensure that the fire dampers are functional in an emergency, they must undergo regular maintenance by a certified specialist company.

The dampers must therefore be installed in such a way that maintenance is possible from both inside and outside.

Fire damper maintenance should normally be carried out at six-monthly or annual intervals. Our trained service engineers can carry out the inspection professionally for you.

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Refurbishment of fire dampers

Inspection bodies such as TÜV and DEKRA test fire dampers for their fire protection suitability in buildings. This is because there are still some fire dampers that have not been professionally installed or contain asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and therefore do not meet fire protection requirements.
Asbestos-containing fire dampers must not be refurbished without a certificate of competence in accordance with TRGS 519, as there is a risk that asbestos fibres can detach from sealing cords or damper blades.

The operator is responsible to the legislator and his own employees for fulfilling the fire protection requirements.

We offer you everything from a single source, from renovation and planning to new installation and restoration of fire protection. In addition to the legal requirements for environmental protection and fire protection, we also take into account economic concerns.

A refurbishment requires good, well-structured planning. We are happy to support and advise you from the planning stage through to acceptance.