As previously announced, the Hürner-Funken, Hürner-Funken Systemtechnik and Monsun 
merged in Hürner Luft- und Umwelttechnik GmbH (HLU) at this year.

HLU interlinks future-oriented air technology with sustainable environmental technology. The merger of the companies formerly part of the Hürner-Funken Group complements the extensive fan and component knowledge of Hürner-Funken GmbH, the Monsun GmbH with project and service expertise as well as the broad technical know-how of Hürner-Funken Systemtechnik GmbH.

In a first step, Hürner-Funken GmbH will be renamed Hürner Luft- und Umwelttechnik GmbH as of January 01, 2018. During this year, the Monsun and the Hürner-Funken Systemtechnik will be integrated into the HLU. Until then, they continue to operate independently under the name HLU Monsun GmbH and HLU Systemtechnik GmbH.

For you, apart from the company name, nothing changes in the usual good cooperation. You will continue to have access to the previously known employees. Your contact persons are available under the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses as usual in all areas.

We look forward to further joint projects and are always available to answer questions.

"Quality, efficiency and quickness" – these are the hallmarks of the Hürner Luft- und Umwelttechnik

We are an innovative, future-oriented company that stands for German hand-made products, individuality and system solutions. In addition to an extensive range of standard air handling applications, we offer you customer-oriented individual solutions for supply and exhaust air issues. 

Our corrosion-resistant plastic products are used in areas in which chemical resistance, reliability and long service life are required.

Our subsidiaries within the Hürner-Funken Group enable us to provide you with expert support in all air-handling tasks, from the planning stage through to fitting.  
We have the expertise and capability to provide solutions for you.


The Hürner-Funken Group sees itself as a medium-sized family-run company with traditional roots in handcraft. We have managed to combine the strengths of handcraft with the innovative power of German engineering skill, creating an internationally oriented company. Processes in the company are geared to customer benefit and, thanks to the joint actions of our experts, meet customer requirements effectively and cost-efficiently. Our history shows that we have rigorously pursued a path to becoming the leading company in our market of "fans and air-handling components in plastic system engineering". We will continue to develop as an innovation-oriented company, which will also grow in future with, and particularly for, its customers.

  • 1928: Formation of Ernst-Hürner Kunststoff Werkstätten GmbH, Frankfurt
  • 1970: Establishment of the production plant in Mücke-Atzenhain
  • 2004: Acquisition of Hürner-Funken by Dr Ralph-Dieter Schrey
  • 2004: Purchase of KC-Ventilatoren, Siershahn
  • 2005: Establishment of the sales branch in Singapore
  • 2009: Establishment of a branch in Malaysia (sales and production for Asia)
  • 2010: Establishment of a sales branch in China
  • 2012: KC-Ventilatoren renamed Hürner-Funken Systemtechnik GmbH
  • 2013: Purchase of Monsun GmbH to strengthen project expertise
  • 2017: Construction of new centre for expertise in Atzenhain
  • 2018: Renamed Hürner Luft- und Umwelttechnik GmbH, HLU Monsun GmbH, HLU Systemtechnik GmbH

Dr. Ralph-Dieter Schrey
Shareholder-managing director