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Exhaust-air and laboratory-gas scrubbers to protect people and the environment

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Clean air – exhaust air scrubbers and laboratory gas scrubbers to protect people and the environment
Legal regulations, guidelines and standards require the minimisation of harmful gas emissions to protect people, the environment and industry. HLU gas scrubbers ensure compliance with these requirements. In practical terms, they reduce the risks that can arise from corrosion, e.g. on exhaust air ducts, fans, fire dampers, smoke extraction systems, roofs, building fabric, etc.

A complete range of wet processes
HLU manufactures a full gamut of systems, from simple spray absorbers, direct current scrubbers and combined gas/solid scrubbers to complicated customised constructions with material recovery. Vertical, horizontal, round, compact square, single-stage and multi-stage gas scrubbers are available. All the necessary equipment is state of the art, easily accessible and readily assembled and dismantled. HLU has a wide range of standardised scrubbers with proven measurement and control technology, for fully automatic operation.

Description of process and function
For the scrubber types listed, a high degree of efficiency is given by the fact that, depending on the system type and design, the processes are based on a high sprinkling rate, an ideal inflow velocity, and a suitable packed bed, or a combination of these. Contaminants contained in the raw gas are absorbed, dissolved or chemically bound by the scrubbing medium in the contact zones. The design of the absorbers or solids separators is adapted to the customer’s operating conditions. The operating mode can be manual for batch operation or electrical for continuous, concentration-dependent automatic operation on the washing-medium side with the appropriate equipment.

Exhaust air scrubbers

TASP exhaust air scrubbers are used in industrial plants where there are emissions from a wide variety of processes.
Organic, inorganic or toxic contaminants are cleaned in compliance with legal environmental limits (TA Luft).
Depending on the type and concentration of the contaminants, one or more process steps take place with or without packing, either in a standard design or a bespoke construction that meets your specific requirements.

Exhaust air scrubbers


  • used in industrial plants for the purification of organic, inorganic and toxic contaminants
  • volume flow from 250 to 158000 m³/h
  • at a maximum pressure difference of 3000 Pa
  • available in 15 nominal diameters

Laboratory gas scrubbers

HLU’s laboratory gas scrubbers have been specially designed for use in laboratories, as toxic, corrosive and odour-intensive substances are repeatedly released here. The main application field for laboratory gas scrubbers is the separation of strong acids.
In HF- laboratory gas scrubbers, the purifying exhaust air is brought into contact with an aqueous absorption solution. For a high degree of efficiency to be achieved, it is important to ensure the largest possible phase interface between the exhaust air and the scrubbing liquid. This is achieved by locking the liquid using a packed bed.

Laboratory gas scrubbers


  • ideal for separating strong acids in laboratory exhaust air
  • volume flow from 600 to 2400 m³/h
  • available in 6 nominal diameters from 600 to 2400 mm