Customised fans

HACIS® ventilation system, up to 40% lower investment costs, up to 60% lower operating costs

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Customised fans

HACIS® ductless ventilation system – food safe

Contaminated atmospheric conditions in food production not only influence the quality of the food, but also lead to high bacterial loads in the air. The consequences are spoiled goods and faulty production, generating considerable costs.
The specially developed ductless HACIS ventilation system is equipped with UV-C disinfection technology. Its use results in a steady reduction in bacteria and prevents microbiological growth in the form of bacteria, mould or yeasts.

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Customised fan


  • can be used in all food industry applications (food safe)
  • for optimal atmospheric conditions or regulated ripening conditions in dairies
  • meets all the food industry’s hygiene requirements
  • ptionally suitable for installation in and extraction from ATEX zones 2 and 1
  • volume flow from 500 to 2500 m³/h
  • at a maximum pressure difference of 550 Pa
  • available in the nominal diameter of 280 mm