Heat exchangers

The heat exchanger made of solid plastic is the centrepiece of HF central AHUs. It is ideally suited for use with a run-around coil system. The principle of energy recovery takes the form of extraction of cold or heat from the contaminated exhaust air flows, which can then be supplied to pre-heat or cool the outside air.

HF- Heat exchangers


  • Cooling, heating or drying corrosive gas or exhaust air
  • Air cooling or heating (corrosive) liquids by way of exhaust air/air
  • Energy recovery in industrial ventilation systems
  • Ventilation and heating of industrial production sites
  • Central air extraction in laboratories

    Key data:

  • Can be delivered in the materials PE-RT, PP and PVDF
  • Operating temperatures dependent on material: -30 to +140°C / -22 to +285 °F